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More Than Just Straight Teeth! Is The Go-to Guide For Parents Wondering If Their Children Might Need Braces

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It’s NOT a book about what braces are.
It’s NOT a drawn-out explanation about how braces straighten teeth.
It DOESN’T include any medical jargon (we promise).

Whatever you already know about braces, or could look up on the internet, You Won’t Find it Repeated Here.

More Than Just Straight Teeth: A Parent’s Guide to Orthodontics Answers The Questions About Braces Parents Have But Are Afraid (Or Didn’t Know Who) To Ask.

How do most families Afford braces?
Will my child feel pain?
How young is too young?
How do I know someone’s trying to rip me off?
How do I guarantee a straight answer from an orthodontist?
And more…


Parents that are:

Uncertain, scared or just curious about their child possibly needing braces.

Wanting to be as informed as possible going into a consultation.

Not willing to leave their child’s oral health up to chance. Interested in a checklist or ‘cheat-sheet’ to instantly tell whether their orthodontist is to be trusted or not.


More Than Just Straight Teeth proves in 80 fast-turning pages that:

  • Your kids’ braces experience will be nothing like yours – (it’s not 1982 anymore, so whatever pain, discomfort and inconvenience you experienced getting braces as a child will thankfully not be passed down to your children).
  • What orthodontist you choose is just as important (if not more) than what braces or Invisalign you go with – (it seems like everything can be ordered over the counter now, but braces shouldn’t be one of them. This book shows all the ways your chosen orthodontist determines whether you have an amazing experience, or one you’ll instantly regret).
  • Braces do much more than straighten teeth – (braces aren’t just about fixing tooth position. Everything from heart health to self-confidence in a social media age are affected by a straight and health smile.)


This FREE Book Also Offers Plenty of Other Tips and Tricks to Prepare Parents for Their Child’s First Appointment

  • The REAL reasons that going to just a dentist for braces isn’t the best idea – pg. 19-20
  • Why the hours an office is officially (and unofficially) open will become a convenience game-changer in the long run – ch. 4
  • The 5 NON-NEGOTIABLE Guarantees you need from an orthodontist to cover yourself from getting ripped off. ch. 6
  • A highly personalized Checklist to bring with you when meeting with an orthodontist- pg. 29
  • What price is just right for braces? (You get what you pay for – so we share how to avoid paying too much… without settling for bargain-basement service. – pg. 43
  • A comprehensive list of treatment options (and what each one actually means) – ch. 9
  • What your child should expect if they are playing sports while wearing braces – pg. 62
  • Tips for helping your child adjust to life with braces – ch. 10
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions we hear from parents every day in our practice – pg. 74


“The knowledge in this book will improve your life. If you’re thinking about orthodontics for you or your child you should definitely read this book before making that important investment.”

“I love this book! It’s so easy to read and provides great information that parents want to know. I’m recommending my patients read this book!”


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Well, there are actually a few reasons…

1. We’re doctors and we went to school for a lot of years so we can help people. Whether you end up getting braces with us or not… this is information that every parent should know.

2. We don’t make money writing books (we have a busy orthodontic practice with 7 locations around Phoenix)… so because of that, it doesn’t hurt us to share with you this information for FREE.

3. If we can you or your child in the journey towards a spectacular smile, and help provide education for free, there’s a good chance you may consider our practice in the future for braces or Invisalign.

4. We love books, we love to read, and we loved writing our first book Start Smiling Now! back in 2014. If we can help even a handful of parents in Arizona learn more about this important topic with our newest book, we think that’s it’s worth it.

Meet The Authors:

  • Certified orthodontists, published authors and brothers.
  • Over 15,000 smiles changed across the greater Phoenix area
  • Voted #1 Invisalign doctors in the U.S.
  • Donate $600,000 of free orthodontic treatment each year to the Smiles Change Lives Foundation


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